Cave Monster tutorial


Use Num-Lock numbers to move.
  point  4, D - move west
  point   6, F - move east
  point  2, B - move south
  point  4, H, E - move north
  point  7, G - move north-west
  point  9, I - move north-east
  point  1, A - move south-west
  point  3, C - move south-east
Make sure you have Num-Lock turned on to prevent screen scrolling!

Items and status

status bar
Click here to view your items and your health status, attack bonus, defend bonus, magic and experience.
  point  Use "game" button to get back to game.
  point   Use "use" button to use items that you found. (e.g. Stand in front of locked door. Select a key by clicking on it and use it by clicking with the key on the button "use".)
  point   Use "drop" button to drop unnecessary items. (similar to "use" button)
  point  Use "exit game" button to return to the main menu. (It is not possible to save the game in versions 1.x)
You can select items by clicking on the picture. The item will appear next to your mouse cursor. Once you've selected an item, you can move it into your hand (L & R letters next to attack bonus), use or drop it. You can equip your weapon by putting it into your hand.


Use weapons by putting them into your arms symbols (L & R letters next to attack bonus). You can view your items anytime during the fight if you press "use/change weapon" button.
Click on "attack" button to attack a creature and select a picture of your enemy. You can immediately see how many HP you hit in the information window. Repeat this several times until all enemies are dead.

Go back to main menu.