Cave Monster



...a game by Radim Brix

Cave Monster is a very enjoyable RPG on-line game. This game will also have much more maps and items soon. You may play now three quests "Leaving the cave", "Leaving the cave II", "Leaving the cave III". Please read tutorial before your first game.


Move with num-lock numbers. You are supposed to find the exit from this maze. You can check your items by clicking on the red health bar. To heal yourself, click on the healer's pack and move it over the button Use, then click again. To use any weapon, you may find, click on the weapon and move it to one of your hands symbols (L or R letter) and click with the weapon on it. You can listen to music, if you can play midi. The quallity of music vary with the quallity of your sound card. If you get out from the maze and you would like to inform me about it, send e-mail to exstyle@seznam.cz. You can use this mail to give me some feedback. Thank you.

Play questver.platform

Cave Monster tutorial - "How to play the game..."

1.0IE6+, Opera, Netscape

Play Cave Monster - "Leaving the cave"

1.0on-line / Jscript IE6+

Play Cave Monster - "Leaving the cave II"

1.1on-line / JScript IE6+

Play Cave Monster - "Leaving the cave III"

1.2on-line / JScript IE6+


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game ver. 1.0

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